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Widget the Midget

From this ...

A rubber bumpered skip complete with a large amount of spiders, rust and unwanted drainage and ventilation holes.



To this ...

A very pretty RWA Iris blue midget



And she passed her MOT first time, the first one in 8 years.


OK, Midget Update ...


Finally got around to lowering the front end. The original 'new' springs measures 10.25" free length, rated at 270Lbs. The new lowered springs come in at 8.28" rated at 340lbs. This results in a MASSIVE difference in ride height as well as a huge impreovement in handling. The front wheels now have a small element of positive camber. The car is now riding exactly 2" lower at the front and finally looks the part. Only problem now is the exhaust scrapes on the drive as you enter or leave!


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