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20th December 2009

The chassis repairs have come on well and are now complete. More repairs were necessary than I thought, mainly because for the first time, I wasn't happy with previous repair work. I removed the chassis mounted floorboard rails to repair a couple of small holes about 3/8" diameter. Upon closer inspection these turned into two repair patches about 2" x 3"; the floorboard rails were then re-fitted.


I fabricated two new rear wall support panels, complete with pressings in them to accomodate the forward rear spring mounting bolt and then the corner gusset panels and side pieces at the corner of the rear wall and sill junction.


The biggest repair panel was to the underside of the offside chassis rail, a repair section some 24" long.


I was surprised to see the chassis rails were filled with what looked like loft insulation! Upon checking on the internet, I found out that's exactly what it was!

The last repair task on the chassis was to remove the captive nuts with broken bolts in them and replace with new ones. I did try drilling and tapping out the broken bolts with limited success. It seemed easier to remove and replace them.

Oh, the very last thing was to remove what remained of the rear bump stop rubbers, just a couple of holey, rusty plates. This was easier said than done as three of the bolts sheared off. Having done this I had to drill and tap the holes ready for the new bump stop rubbers.

With all the repairs done, the chassis was seam sealed at all joints, the whole lot coated in Red Oxide again and then two coats of Frost's Chassis Black.


TADA! Ready for rebuild to start. The front springs were shot blasted and painted along with the front suspension components. The re-assembly should start some time over the Christmas break - I hope!


8th January 2010

And finally the reconstruction starts. All my previous restorations have started the rebuild phase with the same part being the first fitted, I saw no reason for this one to be any different so here it is, the first part of the rebuild to be added to the chassis.

Yep, it's the front brake pipe union! Well, you've got to start somewhere. The next bits to be refurbished are in the following pictures, I know the pedal and assembly and starter are the wrong colour, but I like it and it's my car!

I've also completed the NSF damper and am halfway through the OSF one, pictures to follow soon.


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