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The rear tub saga begins ...

Sooo, I turned the car around in the garage and made a start on the rear tub.   Seeing as the near side was facing me it seemed like a good place to start.   It was looking very bodged, lots of grotty patches and even worse welding all over the place, as well as some very frilly metalwork.

I started out by stripping the primer off and cutting the holey metal away and then had a curious shaped patch to fabricate before I could even think about trying a repair panel in place.   The patch fabrication and fitting went well.   The new panel went in nicely too, just had to ask some advice from the MGA Guru in the USA, thanks for the help Barney.

With the repair panel in place I had a couple of small holes to fill in the inner wing and then came time for the outer rear wing.

This looked to be in pretty good shape apart from the rather obvious dents above the top of the wheel arch and the lower edge at the front which had dissolved.

During the stripping of the original paint I discovered just over 4mm deep of filler over the whole back end of the wing!   I set about it with a wire brush on a grinder to find sound metal underneath, just not properly beaten out after an accident when in the hands of a PO.

This now meant some two weeks of gentle panel beating to achieve the propers shape with no filler.   Photo's of the end result to follow.   Very theraputic but noisey!

During the stripping work I found a small section of the wheelarch lip poorly repaired by brazing.   I decided to cut out the offending area and replace it with proper, straight metal.

Oh, in the mean time when I didn't fancy working in the garage I restored the steering wheel.   The rim was broken in four places wher it meets the spokes - the usual places, as other MGA owners will testify to.   Rather pleased with the end result.   Having repainted the rim and polished the spokes after the repair it looks better than new.   Again photo's to follow.   I decided to treat myself to a new wheel center, as I didn't get one with the car.

back soon ....



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