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Once again, quite a gap since last update but work has been progressing steadily.   After much pondering I decided to bite the bullet and buy a front shroud repair section from Metal Mickey.   The original panels either side of the radiator grille were soooo far gone that repairing them would have been a nightmare especially with the double curves on them.

Now the repair panel has arrived, the fit at the front was good but not as good at the rear.   I decided to keep as much of the original as possible, this meant cutting the repair panel to suit.   The benefit of this is that most of the poorer fitting elements were cut off.   The only remedial work will be to the egdes of the panel - look at the photo's below and you'll see what I mean.

I've gradually cut the original panel back to get the best fit and finally this weekend managed to fix the repair section in place with bolts and self tapping screws to consider the next step.   This will be final fettling of the rear sides of the repair section to make them fit properly.   Once this is done all that'll be needed is to create and weld a lap jount across the egdes of the repar panel.   Sound easy ...

As can be seen the sides of the repair panel don't meet the sides of the original shroud.   The off side isn't too bad, only about 1/16" out, but the near side is about 1/4" out.

Couldn't resist trial fitting the radiator grille.   And very satisfying it was too!   It all seems to line up!



Ahh well, back again.   Since the last update we've been on holiday and decorated the Dining room, fixed a blown head gasket on the Midget (Twice!!) and just a little more to the A.

The new nose has been welded on, the duct panel has been welded to the nose and seam sealed.   Both front wings have been mostly sorted.   Both have been stripped of paint and almost 1Kg of filler in the off side.   Glad to report absoloutley NO rust on either, hooray!

It looks like the off side has had a sizeable dent just behind the wheelarch.   It was roughly beaten out and filled.   Now there's no filler and the wing is almost perfect.   That's the result of several weeks' work with a hammer and dolly, I must apologise to the neighbours sometime

Having spent some considerable time panel beating, I needed something easy for a while. So I decided to have a go at the dash.   The panel had several additional holes for switches and gauges that shouldn't be there so I cut some patches and welded them in.   After lightly grinding the welds and some primer you wouldn't know they were ever there. Very satisfying.

Having done the dash I started on the gauges.   Fuel gauge first.   This was taken apart cleaned, repaired a couple of broken wires, re-assembled and tested.   It works fine, has a used patina to the face - it's slightly pitted - but I like it so I'm going to leave it.   last step was to calibrate it, for this I had to make a test box and it now fully finished, must get around to photographing it soon.

Lastly the car was pushed out into the sunshine to be turned around ready for work to start on the rear tub


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