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September 2017

As you may have seen from the banner on the opening page, the MGA is now finished. It was completed in September 2015, there was a mad final rush to get the car finished for the saddest of reasons.

I bought the car as a project and as a car for Hilary and I to go touring in when we retired, sadly this wasn't to be. Hilary's final cancer was diagnosed as terminal at easter in 2015 and I really needed her to see the car finished before she passed away otherwise I would never have finished it, hence the final rush. Hilary saw the car finished and running from the comfort of her hospital bed in the living room of our house, she looked at it through the window and smiled at me when she saw an heard it running and moving under its own steam. Hilary passed away on 22nd November 2015 and although the car was finished I really didn't want to drive it or update this drivel, hence the silence. Things have gradually moved on, as is the way of the world, and I have done about 300 miles in the A this year and only now feel able to update the web site. The updates will probably be as erratic as usual, some things never change!!

So having run the A for a year the only fault has been a failed electronic SU fuel pump, right outside the pub in the village too, how embarrassing! Apart from that she's run perfectly.

And so on to the next project, a 1973 Lotus Elan Plus 2 S130/4, an honest to goodness barn find!

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