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3rd March 2012

Well, the time has come to bite the bullet and attempt to join the front and rear tubs together.

The first step was to offer up the sill closing plate making sure the bottom edges line up with the bottom edges of the front and rear inner wing panels followed by the inner finnisher plate to get everything in line.

Next step was to offer up the F section and clamp it into place. With everything lined up the F section, sill closing plate and the sill finisher were all fixed in place with TEK screws, these are self drilling and cutting screws.


Then came the hanging of the door which didn't prove difficult apart from the hinges being very stiff, a quick few drops of 3-in-1 and all was well with the door moving nicely.


Having shut the door, the gap between the leading edge of the door and the scuttle was cavernous, I could get my finger comfortably into the gap. The trailing edge of the door met nicely with the B post in a fore and aft direction but not in a vertical direction. After some jiggling with the hinges and shims and ensuring the inner sill element of the F section was in the right place, it became clear that the A post was in the wrong place. I drilled out the spot welds, re-hung the door to the A post and positioned the A post so that the door hung in the right place and lined up with the scuttle and rear wing.

I re- fixed the A post with TEK screws to the inner wing panel and offered up the front wing, which fitted better than some cars I have seen at shows, the screw holes in the lower edge of the front wing even lined up with the captive nuts on the inner wing!



Next my attention moved to fitting the rear wing to see how it matched up with the rear of the door. It lined up well in a a horizontal perspective, however, there was a gap of about 3/8" between the leading edge of the wing and the B post closing plate. I have read that when being built at the factory, the engineers had access to three lengths of wing, long medium and short. This, I am told, was a result of the wings being hand built and welded. It looks as if I'll have to lengthen my wings by about 3/8". I'm not unduly worried by this as the wings I have are not original to the car.

I have checked the chassis dimensions again and all are definatley right. Also, both body tubs are in the right place as the mounting holes all line up with the holes in the chassis. The main mounting parts of the front and rear tubs and the chassis are original and have been together since original build. The only concern is that extending the wing will put my welding skills to the test.


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