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29th May 2011


Whew! It's been some time since I last updated the site and even longer since I worked on the A. We had a major domestic crisis, Hilary was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, radiotherapy and chemo and looks now to have beaten it. She went back to work and has subsequently been diagnosed with another, unrelated form of cancer and is now undergoing treatment again - Radiotherapy and chemo at the same time to be followed by surgery and possibly more chemo. What a rollercoaster ride this thing called life is.


From time to time over the past year I've had a few moments to spare to have some MGA therapy and have made and fitted the floorboards with patterns from Barney's web site.

Fabricating the floors was a piece of cake. I chose to use 12mm marine grade ply as the closest match for the original, slightly too thick but it'll be better than slightly too thin.


The underside and edges of each board has been painted with three coats of Frost's Chassis black, the first coat soaked in whilst the second and third have dried nicely. The plan now is to remove them all and fit them again, bedded on seam sealer. Once that's done I'm going to seam seal the boards from the top and then paint the top surfaces with Chassis black too. I'll probably do two coats to start with and then a final coat just before trimming the interior to make sure any blemishes are covered before the soft trimmings go in.

Both front and rear sections of the transmission tunnel have been stripped, painted and fitted. This was followed by fitting the gearbox and gear stick. To the ammusement of some visitors and residents I have fitted a tacky ripspeed gearknob to the top of the gearstick - this is soley to prevent me stabbing myself when clambering about in the car. However, I may just leave it there to annoy people!


I've also managed to complete the welding needed on the rear tub. This included sourcing and fitting a new boot floor. I also decided to reinforce the holes in the boot floor where it bolts to the chassis either side of the hump in the floor for the differential. Not concourse I know, but practical as the existing holes looked worn. Having completed the welding I seamsealed the whole of the inside of the tub and bolted it loosely to the chassis.

I also aquired a new helper, he's very critical and always happy to offer advice or a quick kiss if things aren't going too well, see photo below...


30th May 2011

Wow! Two updates on two consecutive days, I must be on a roll. Today I dragged the front tub out of stoarge had a good look over it and found a couple of jobs that needed doing before I fit it to the chassis. First on the list was to fit the lower pieces to the front inner wings. The nearside one was a simple job of cleaning up the inner wing, adjusting the new lower section to fit and welding it in place after good coat of weld through primer was applied to both surfaces. The off side one was a little more involved. When I tried to cut away the original lower panel, the overlap area of the inner wing disintegrated. I had to cut the wing back, fabricate two repair sections and weld them in before I could attach the new lower panel, same as the nearside. All joints were liberally coated with brush on seam sealer and then painted with etch primer.


Other front tub jobs outstanding are to fit the offside windscreen support bracket to the area just behind the dashboard fitting rails and to weld the joint between the wing top airscoops and the inner wing on both sides.

Lastly, I think I may need to relieve the plates on the inside of the inner wing that fix to the cockpit side angled goalpost supports.

Next step will be to clean and re-finish the front chassis expension piece, then fit the front tub. The next logical step will be to clean and prepare both doors ready for trial fitting when I get the F sections. From memory, I don't think they need much doing . . . Famous last words I suspect.

After that, I'll be raiding the piggy bank AND the sock under the bed to buy two F sections and two sill closing panels to be able to re-unite front and rear tubs into a single piece again.


31st May 2011

I really AM on a roll, three updates in three days!


Today I started work on the OS door. It looks to be in very good condition with the exception of a huge amount of filler on the skin.

I stripped the all the paint and filler off of the door and the skin is in excellent condition. The only problem is a depression all down the height of the door just behind the hinges, hence the filler in that area.


It seems that the rest of the filler was just to blend the filler in the depression into the rest of the door although it seems a little excessive. I weighed the door before and after paint and filler removal and it now weighs 1lb less than it did before! I'm going to try to reshape the door with a little judicious hammer and dolly action, hopefully all that will be needed will be a coat of filler primer.

16th October 2011

The final parts have been ordered from and delivered by Sports car metalworks. I've got two 'F' sections, two sill closing plates, two sill finishers and two outer sills. That's everything I need to join the front and rear tubs together.


I've clamped the offside F section into the workmate and trial fitted the door. To do so I had to make the threaded hinge plates that fit in the slot in the A post to give the hinges something to fix to. Having made the two for the offside door I fitted the door to see if it would close. It almost did, I just had to tweak the B post slightly so that it sat at the correct angle to the sill to allow the door to close correctly. I think it's about 4 degrees.

Next was to test fit the F section to the tubs. The inner sill endcaps were bent in the wrong place and wouldn't allow the sill to sit flat on the inner wing. So off it came. I flattened the flange on the endcaps and re-bent them so that they sit flat. I tried the F section on again and the piece that fits to the rear inner wing is almost perfect. The front looks like it'll need a little more tweaking as the slots for the hinge plates and the vertical row of bolt holes do not line up. The vertical row of bolt holes in the front inner wings match the outer wings so the holes in the A post must be in the wrong place. I'll re-drill them to match the inner and outer wing holes when the fit is right.



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