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And so it begins.

I've started the controlled demolition of my A.  

I began with the OSF inner wing for no other reason than it was easy to get at.   Seems a good a place to start as any.  

Firstly, I made a spot weld cutter.   I can only buy 8mm cutters from suppliers.   These are for dismantling modern cars.   The welds on the A only need a small cutter, so necessity being the mother of invention, I found an old 5mm drill and wound up the grinder ... Success!  

I spent a couple of hours drilling out welds.   And then another couple of hours drilling out welds.   I'm becoming proficient at spotting (no pun intended) them under the primer and existing frilly metal.   Eventually the wing was free and off the car.   It has to be said that final freeing of the panel needed the assistance of Alex, a cold chsiel and a Hammer.   Most definitely NOT a good combination!

Next job was to tidy up the sound edges on the remaining body panels to prepare for fitting the new inner wing.

The new inner wing needs cleaning off and priming before prep work can take place.   I need to cut the windscreen mount off of the original wing and refit it to the new panel.   it's got to go in exactly the right place or the screen will not fit properly.   So no pressure then!

I've also got a scuttle brace that needs some repair work prior to refitting.

Please come back for the next thrilling instalment soon.



Cut out the frilly sections on the front off side corner - the side of the front shell where the wing mounts and front corner of the shell.   Fabricated a couple of repair sections and welded in, ground off welds and primed.   It doesn't look like much I know, but they were fiddly bits.   The front piece has a double curve.

Also a learning curve trying to re-aquaint myself with the welder.   Spent some time experimenting with settings to get it right.   I think I'm almost there, some more small tweaks and I should have it right.   Hopefully...


Made a start on the NSF corner.   It had the same sort of damage as the OS corner so the same repairs will be needed.

17th February 2008

Despite appearances, work has been ongoing, slowly to be sure, but after all this is a hobby to be savoured and not rushed.

John and I spent most of Saturday working on the nearside front corner.   John had a go at welding and made some really good joints.   He just needs some more practice, as do I.

We got the nearside inner wing prepared and trial fitted after welding on the windscreen support bracket.

We also managed to fit the offside wing to the firewall and inner bulkhead panels AND made the inner wing panel meet the correct mounting point on the chassis.

Plans for the next garage day are to fix the nearside inner wing panel to match the off side and stabilise the front tub.   After that is front tub removal to replace the radiator duct panel and then tub refitting.   That's gonna be a busy day!


The controlled demolition continues...

I managed to fully stabilise the rear of the tub today and with the help of a volunteer we removed the front tub for the first time.   Now for the completion of the nose end of the tub.

And the obligatory silly photo ....


It's been quite a time since the last update, been VERY busy at T5.   For the record - ALL of my systems work perfectly!! (Saucer of milk for the engineer please ...)

Back to the A.

Vince and I took the front tub off and I then spent a week looking at it considering the best method of attack to replace the radiator duct panel.   Having done this I set to with my new air cut off saw - WOW!   The old panel came out in about 5 pieces.   Glad to say that all panels that it attaches to are in good condition.   The new panel went in well with some minor fettling required but it's in and looks good, much more stable than the old one.

Having done this, Dom and I refitted the tub to the chassis to make sure everything lined up properly.   Success.

I then decided to start cleaning the grotty primer off the shroud and to put it into etch primer.   Much more pleasing to the eye.  

Next, attention was turned to the bonnet.  

Under the primer a PO had painted the bonnet with, I found original Glacier blue paint.   This goes some way to confirming this panel is original to the rest of the car and that Glacier blue was the original colour of the car.  

The bonnet over all looks in good condition with the exception of the additional holes a PO has put in the rear edge of the panel for fitting of external chrome hinges!   These holes will need filling with Aluminium weld.   There is some slight creasing where the bonnet has flexed around the surface hinges.   I may have to resort to some judicious use of filler.

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