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Well, I've been talking about it for years and now I've been and done it. I've bought an MGA. Thanks to Paul and Richard.

It's a 1956 1500 roadster.

With a bit of luck she should be delivered sometime within the next couple of weeks. Over to you Paul ...

I'll update the site as I make progress

Delivery day 12th December 2007

Well, the A made it home and in keeping with the traditions started by the B in 1989 and the Midget some years later, it arrived on a trailer as a rolling shell with several unattached bits and a few boxes of smaller bits.

Sound familiar?

However the A is in much better condition than the Midget was before work started - less rust. Also it's in better condition than the B was as none of the mechanical components appear to be siezed and the handbrake works! Result !!

The first job is going to be sorting out, cataloging and identifying all the bits and pieces, then trying to decide if any parts are missing.

Next all the big pieces will go into the loft and I'll start work on the tubs, probably the front one first.


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