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21st July 2010

So, there I was, taking Widget the Midget for its Mot, chatting with Gary, the tester. Gary casually says "would you be interested in another MG?" I thought briefly about the A's restoration and said no thanks. But I was hooked, I needed to know what it was. It turned out to be a 1971 MGB GT in Blaze with a full length sunroof - exactly the same as my first ever MG in the dim an distant past when I was 21.

I'd been hoping to buy my first GT back from the current owner but had had no luck contacting him, and here I am being offered a car exactly the same apart from the number plate. Nevertheless, I told myself I didn't need another MG and let the subject drop.

But, I spoke about it with Hilary later that week after the current owner Rob had called to ask if I was interested as if I wasn't he was going to put the car into storage. Hilary said we should go an look at the car and then decide. We went to see the car last Friday and had a thorough poke and prod. Rob was kind enough to put the car on a two post lift so we could examine it thoroughly in comfort. The thing that clinched it was the body, it looks to be solid and in great condition with reasonable paint. It's part restored and really just needs re-comissioning. The paint is a little 'flat' looking but I think with a good mopping and polishing it'll look fine.

The car is rolling shell with engine, gearbox, prop and axle fitted. All brake, clutch and fuel lines are in place as is the loom, all electrics and lights

To get it on the road it only looks like it needs a complete interior fitting, all glass & the sunroof need fitting as does the headlining. Once that's done I'll need to connect the engine and get it running, wire up the overdrive, do a full service with new oil for the gearbox and axle and a brake fluid change, Oh, and fit the bumpers too and that's about it.

Pictures to follow, collecting the car on Friday morning this week.


23rd July 2010

Collected GT successfully today. I won't be able to start work until Monday. I'll post some more then.


28th July 2010

Things are moving on at a good pace, quickly but not rushed. The idea is to get the car on the road by autumn so I can use it as a daily driver when the weather turns, rather than use the motorbike for commuting.

First thing was to sort the boxes out to see what was there and what was missing, on the whole it seems pretty complete, the major items missing are the headlining and rear screen chrome trim pieces.

It has become apparant that I seem to have developed a rather disturbing habit of buying cars consisting of a body and several boxes of bits, I guess there's no hope for me.


I started work on the car by giving it a good clean inside and out, followed by a wash then compounding the paint with G3, then a clay bar as the finish after the G3 was slightly 'gritty' to touch and finally polishing with Autoglym Super resin polish. The results are very good. The paint has turned from a flat pastel shade of orange to a lusterous deep colour and shine of Blaze.

Before ...


And After ...


A trip on Tuesday to a local breakers yard netted a complete and immaculate headlining board with sound deadening fitted as well as the four surrounding trim pieces all for £10! Not bad as these items are no longer available. These were cleaned on returning home and fitted yesterday and today, together with a front and rear windscreen and half of the sunroof trim rails.

I also cleaned the sun visors that came with the car with little expectation of success as they looked to be in a terrible state, but I was absoloutley amazed, they've come up brilliantly, the powers of Cillit Bang! I can't believe they're the same parts.


Last thing this evening I fitted a new ignition switch with steering lock as the one on the car had no key. I also repaired the indicator and headlamp flash switch and stalk, someone had joined wires with my pet electrical hate - the dreaded scotchlock connector.


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